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Who we are ? Basic information

FCT SA is a joint stock company operating on the basis of an investment trust, the purpose of which is to create long-term investments under banking lockbox with predetermined and guaranteed dividend profits for our shareholders. This is done by emission of the Perpetual Equity Notes, known as ESCO Notes. These are securities issued by FCT PLC that will be listed on the London Stock Exchange, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange in line with the development of the ESCO model on all exchanges in the world.

In their design, ESCO Notes represent the ownership of specific housing, which is built on land belonging to the SPV, which belongs to the Trust, but is a Trust of a Legal Person [hereinafter TOP] and not a trustee who is a natural person. 

The Homes [hereinafter referred to as the Housing ESCO] are individually owned by companies being legal person entity under the laws of England and Wales [hereinafter referred to as SPC] that issue one share worth 1GBP, which is held for 100 years in Trust Operator [hereinafter TO] set up by TOP. 

The structure of two Trusts, the first of which is TOP, was created in 1998 and developed by the law firm Shearman & Sterling LLP from NY and is known as the Shearman Bridge. 

The Shearman Bridge has the legal ability to handle ESCO Notes settlements in bank lockboxes, which is why ESCO Notes are perpetual in their existence and have the nature of an annuity, i.e. a monthly payment indefinitely (at least 100 years) of a specific amount of money paid to the Investor with a balloon once a year. The investor never gets a refund of the invested amount, but has limited ownership rights to SPC shares in TOP, which are secured in terms of value on the fixed assets, i.e. on the ESCO flat. 

The client residing in the ESCO flat lives there because he has agreed to be appointed as SPC Director. However, in order to live in such an ESCO flat, SPC paid for all of the proposed 11 services selected by the Director, therefore he must pay the ESCO Charge i.e. a monthly fee calculated as the fixed amount for each square meter of the ESCO flat. ESCO Charge is the income, which is the profit of the SPC, which, after taxation as dividend, is transferred to the TOP-owned Operator Trust to service the ESCO Charge, i.e. the guaranteed profit from the ESCO Notes to the Investor. 

Financial & Capital Trust S.A. [hereinafter FCT SA] established the Financial & Capital Trust PLC [hereinafter FCT PLC] as the SPV, which is managed by the Operator Trust which manages the SPC. 

As FCT PLC is 100% owned by Esco Capital Trust therefore ESCO Notes have the characteristics of "fixed value assets with bankruptcy proof, third party creditors proof & bankable at all the time" therefore ESCO Notes can be handled on Integrated Collateral Management® Euroclear® and can thus be sold under the Global Tri-party Repurchase Agreement [hereinafter referred to as GTRA] in the sale of Delivery versus Payment [hereinafter referred to as DvP]. 

In connection with the above, ESCO Notes, having the above-mentioned legal basis of their existence and the security applied, will be the main instrument of DvP trading on the repo markets in the equity notes market for long-term investments, and therefore they will be liquid, which must lead to high values of the issue, especially since ESCO Notes were created led by Manna Project Management to serve the most needy people around the world, that is, the lowest income families in their countries of residence. 

In Poland, even a family with a minimum income for each adult member of family can acquire the rights to their own ESCO flat and have a normal, healthy life. 

The ownership of the ESCO flat is limited, but only that the SPC share may be sold to third parties, provided that the SPC cannot move away from the Esco Capital Trust. 

The ownership of the ESCO flat is established in the notary agreement signed between the SPC and the Trust Operator, in which the Director acquires the ownership of SPC shares for 1 GPB automatically after paying the last monthly ESCO Charge specified in the contract. 

The monthly ESCO Charge in Poland is in an amount of 26.65 PLN per square meter monthly and is paid by the Director and is fixed for the contractually agreed number of months (not less than 300 and not more than 1200) and also guarantees the receipt of services selected by the Director and his family within 6 months from the date of appointment to the Director. 

The family decides who becomes the Director and how decisions are made in the SPC, whether for one or two people. 

Parents who are Directors may, in the corporate resolutions of the SPC, delegate their children to become Directors in the event of death, so the inheritance is very clear, simple and easy to carry out through TO. 

FCT PLC has decided to issue ESCO Notes for a minimum of € 3.7 billion by the end of 2021 to provide families in Poland recommended by Caritas and the Catholic Church in the light of SEDI Project program run by Manna Project Management with help in obtaining their own flat therefore we hereby invite you to look for your flat on web page to reserve it for your family. 

Our investments

You can learn more about our investments on the website of our executive company Silesium Development S.A.


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